Do we really know Lee Oswald?

On the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination we reflect upon the greatness of JFK and of the turmoil of his time. We reflect in hindsight on the six seconds in Dallas which defined the direction of the country and their far reaching effects on us today and into our own future. We reflect upon our President’s assassination. One reflection which is troubling is how for me, the characterizations of Oswald never ring true: deranged lone nut, radical communist, leftist extremist, killer. His own characterization is the most plausible: a patsy. Someone who wanted to be a hero so he went to Russia to spy, returning to New Orleans to stir up anti-Castro Cubans, and working as an informant for the FBI regarding illegal gun running. it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Oswald planted the shell casings in the six floor window area himself thinking he was setting someone else up as the assassin, certainly not himself. He didn’t fire a bolt action rifle getting off three accurate shots in 5.6 seconds from that window. Ever fire a bolt action rifle? That’s not possible. The head shot clearly comes from the grassy knoll as the Zapruder film shows. Oswald thought he was a spy, he wanted to be a hero. His activities incriminated him and made him an easy target to frame. He let himself be set up. He walked right into the role and never realized it until the president was dead.